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Hello Friends,

Since many years India is directly in the competition with world in IT
field. As we increase our experience and knowledge we will find our
self to handle multinational project presentation and project

One good blessing of UK rule over India is UK English - Pure in
nature. Indian students do well in UK because of these benefits. But
when it comes to US Universities, many students failed in past.
Because US English fluency and understanding is very different.

Those who used to watch English movie they do know Universal Studio
Movies are hard to listen. BBC news is easy compare to Sky CNN news.
We should also accept this fact and try to develop a little knowledge
on American Accent English speaking/listening. So when such "PURE US"
project comes to us it will be easy to start with.

Let us just see some samples here.
American SoundRegular Spelling
Kwee geddit?Can we get it?
Sko!Let's go!
No, joo?Did you eat?
No, did you?
Jläik smore?Would you like some more?
I shüda tol joo.I should have told you.
Ledder gedda bedder wädr heedr.Let her get a better water heater.
How to wreck a nice beach.How to recognize speech.
Hole däna sek'nt!Hold on a second!
Hæoja ly kuh liddul more?How would you like a little more?
They doe neev'n lye kit.They don't even like it.

For more http://www.americanaccent.com/ and it's Links.


Imranahmed Petiwala

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