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[itsdifferent] free test on brainbench

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Free tests from 21-MAR-2005 to 04-APR-2005 brainbench

following all tests are free for 2 weeks:

.NET Framework
3D Studio MAX
Accounts Payable Fundamentals
Accounts Receivable/Billing Fundamentals
Act! 4.0
Active Server Pages
Adabas Administration
Adobe FrameMaker 5.5
Adobe Illustrator 8.0
Adobe PageMaker 6.5
Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Advertising Industry Knowledge
Aerospace Industry Knowledge
Anatomy & Physiology
AOL 5.0 Fundamentals
Apache 1.3.12 Administration
Ariba Buyer 6.1
Assembly Language
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
AutoCAD 2000 (U.S.)
AutoCAD 2002 (U.S.) (Interactive)
Automotive Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Bash Shell Scripting
BEA WebLogic Application Server 5.1
Behavioral Interviewing (U.S.)
Benefits Administration (U.S.)
Benefits Management (U.S.)
Biochemical Lab Techniques
Biotechnology Industry Knowledge
Bookkeeping Fundamentals (U.S.)
Business Communication
Business Concepts (U.S.)
Business Ethics Awareness (U.S.)
Business Math
Business Process Reengineering
Business Writing
C++ Fundamentals
Cardiovascular Core Knowledge
Cellular Technology
CGI Scripting
Change Management (U.S.)
Check Point FireWall-1 Administration
Childcare Fundamentals (U.S.)
Cisco Network Design
Cisco Network Support
Citrix Administration
Client/Server Concepts
ColdFusion 4.5
ColdFusion 5
ColdFusion MX
COM/DCOM (Visual Basic)
Compaq Server Administration (Win NT/2000)
Compensation Management (U.S.)
Computer Electronics
Computer Fundamentals (Mac OS 8.6)
Computer Fundamentals (Mac OS X)
Computer Fundamentals (Win 2000)
Computer Fundamentals (Win 95/98)
Computer Fundamentals (Win XP)
Computer Technical Support
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Consumer Finance (U.S.)
Consumer Products Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
CORBA 2.3 C++
CORBA 2.3 Java
Corel Paradox 9.0
Corel Ventura 8.0
Corel WordPerfect 9.0
CorelDRAW 9.0
Counseling Techniques
CPR/BLS Core Knowledge
Crystal Reports 7
Customer Assistance
Customer Assistance (Audio)
Customer Requirements Analysis
Data Entry 10-Key
Data Entry Alphanumeric
Data Entry Numeric
Data Modeling Concepts
Data Warehousing Concepts
Database Marketing (U.S.)
DB2 Administration (OS390)
DB2 Administration (UDB)
Defense Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Delphi 3.0
Delphi 5.0
Delphi 6.0
Delphi 6.0 Fundamentals
Dietetic Assessment (U.S.)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Disaster Recovery and Planning
Diversity Awareness (U.S.)
DOS 6.2
Dreamweaver 3.0
Dreamweaver 4.0
Dreamweaver MX
Dynamic HTML
E-Commerce Concepts
E-Commerce Implementation
Editing & Proofing (Chicago Style)
Education Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Embedded Systems Concepts
EMT-I Core Knowledge
EMT-P Core Knowledge
Energy Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
English Listening Comprehension (U.S.)
English Vocabulary
English Writing Exercise
ERP Concepts (U.S.)
ERwin 3.5.2 Administration
Fiber Optics
Filing (U.S.)
Financial Accounting (U.S.)
Financial Analysis (U.S.)
Financial Auditing (U.S.)
Financial Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Financial Management (U.S.)
Fireworks 3
Fireworks 4
First Aid Core Knowledge
Flash 4
Flash 5
Flash MX
Food Handling Safety (U.S.)
Frame Relay
General Sciences
Great Plains Accounting 9.x
Health Care Administration (U.S.)
Health Care Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Health Care Risk Management (U.S.)
Health Insurance
HIPAA (Privacy)
HIPAA (Security)
Home Health Care (U.S.)
HomeSite 4.5
Hospitality Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
HRIS Concepts
HTML 3.2
HTML 4.0
Human Resources Concepts (U.S.)
ICD-9 and CPT Coding
ICQ 2000
IMS 6.0
Information Technology Industry Knowledge
Information Technology Security Fundamentals
Information Technology Terminology
Informix 7.X Administration
Internet Concepts
Internet Industry Knowledge
Internet Research and Evaluation (U.S.)
Internet Security
Internet Technology Fundamentals
Interpersonal Communications
Interviewing and Hiring Concepts (U.S.)
Investment Concepts
IP Routing & Switching
ISDN (North America/Japan)
ITAA Information Security Awareness
J.D. Edwards OneWorld Report Design (ERW)
Java - EJB
Java - EJB 2.0
Java - EJB 2.0 Fundamentals
Java 1
Java 2
Java 2 - GUI
Java 2 - Non-GUI
Java 2 Fundamentals
Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME)
Java Server Pages (JSP 1.1)
Java Server Pages (JSP 1.2)
Java XML Technologies
JavaScript 1.5
JavaScript 1.5 Fundamentals
LAN/WAN Communications
Legal Issues for Employees (U.S.)
Legal Issues for HR and Management (U.S.)
Legal Research (U.S.)
Legal Secretarial Skills (U.S.)
Linux Administration (General)
Linux Administration (Red Hat 9)
Linux Administration (Red Hat)
Linux Administration (SuSE)
Linux Programming (General)
Listening Skills
Lotus 1-2-3 9.5
Lotus Domino R5 Programming
Lotus Freelance Graphics 9.5
Lotus Notes 4.0 Administration
Lotus Notes 4.0 Programming
Lotus Word Pro 9.5
LotusScript R5 Programming
Macintosh Networking
Macintosh OS X 10.2 Desktop Administration
Macintosh OS8 Navigation
Macromedia Director 7
Macromedia Director 8
Macromedia FreeHand 9
Managing People (U.S.)
Manufacturing Industry Knowledge
Market Research
Marketing Concepts
Marketing Strategy
Math Fundamentals
Math Fundamentals (Metric)
Medical Billing
Medical Office Skills (U.S.)
Medical Terminology
MPEG Concepts
MS Access 2000 Fundamentals
MS Access 2000 Programming
MS Access 2002 Fundamentals
MS Access 97 Programming
MS Commerce Server 2002
MS Excel 2000
MS Excel 2000 Fundamentals
MS Excel 2000 Fundamentals (Interactive)
MS Excel 2002
MS Excel 2002 Fundamentals
MS Excel 97
MS Excel 97 Fundamentals
MS Exchange Server 2000 Administration
MS Exchange Server 5.5 Administration
MS Front Page 2000
MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Administration
MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Fundamentals
MS Internet Explorer 5.5 Fundamentals
MS Internet Explorer 6.0 Fundamentals
MS Internet Information Server 4.0 Administration
MS Outlook 2000 Administration
MS Outlook 2000 Fundamentals
MS Outlook 2002 Fundamentals
MS Outlook Express 5.0 Fundamentals
MS PowerPoint 2000
MS PowerPoint 2000 Fundamentals
MS PowerPoint 2002
MS PowerPoint 2002 Fundamentals
MS PowerPoint 97
MS PowerPoint 97 Fundamentals
MS Project 2000
MS Proxy Server 2.0 Administration
MS Publisher 2000
MS Site Server 3.0 Administration
MS SQL Server 2000 Administration
MS SQL Server 2000 Programming
MS SQL Server 6.5 Administration
MS SQL Server 6.5 Programming
MS SQL Server 7 Administration
MS SQL Server 7 Programming
MS Systems Mgmt. Server 2.0 Administration
MS Visual InterDev 6.0
MS Windows 2000
MS Windows 2000 Active Directory
MS Windows 2000 Desktop Administration
MS Windows 2000 Fundamentals
MS Windows 2000 Migration
MS Windows 2000 Server Administration
MS Windows 95 Administration
MS Windows 95 Navigation
MS Windows 98 Administration
MS Windows 98 Navigation
MS Windows Me Administration
MS Windows NT 4.0 Administration
MS Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Administration
MS Windows Server 2003 Administration
MS Windows XP Desktop Administration
MS Word 2000
MS Word 2000 Fundamentals
MS Word 2002
MS Word 2002 Fundamentals
MS Word 97
MS Word 97 Fundamentals
Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS)
MySQL 3.23 Administration
Negotiation Strategy
Neonatology Nursing
Netscape 4.72 Fundamentals
Network Monitoring
Network Security
Network Technical Support
Networking Concepts
Non Profits Industry Knowledge
Novell GroupWise 5.5 Administration
Novell NetWare 4.11 Administration
Novell NetWare 5.0 Administration
Nuance Voice User Interface (VUI) Design
Nursing Assistance
Nutritional Analysis
Office Management (U.S.)
Office Procedures (U.S.)
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
OO Concepts
OO Design Patterns
Operations Concepts
Oracle 7.0 Administration
Oracle 8.0 Administration
Oracle 8i Administration
Oracle 9i Administration
Oracle Designer 6i
Oracle Developer 2000
Oracle Financials Rel 11
Oracle Forms 6.0
Oracle PL/SQL
Orthopaedic Nursing
OS/2 Warp Server Administration
Outbound Sales Skills
Payroll Fundamentals (U.S.)
Peachtree 7.0
PeopleTools 7.0
PeopleTools 8.4
Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
Pharmaceutical GLP (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Mfg. Regulations (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Sales (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Terminology (U.S.)
Physical Assessment Techniques (Adult)
Physical Assessment Techniques (Pediatric)
PowerBuilder 6.0
PowerBuilder 7.0
PowerBuilder 8.0
Presentation Skills
Printed Circuit Board Design
Pro/ENGINEER 2000i
Problem Solving - Qualitative
Problem Solving - Qualitative (Metric)
Problem Solving - Quantitative
Problem Solving - Quantitative (Metric)
Programmer/Analyst Aptitude
Programming Concepts
Project Management
Project Management (2000)
Public Relations Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Publishing Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Purchasing Process (U.S.)
Purchasing Supply Environment (U.S.)
Python 1.5
Quark Xpress 4
QuickBooks Pro 2000
Quicken Basic 2000
RDBMS Concepts
Reading Comprehension - English
Reading Comprehension - French
Reading Comprehension - German
Reading Comprehension - Italian
Reading Comprehension - Portuguese
Reading Comprehension - Russian
Reading Comprehension - Spanish
Real Estate Finance (U.S.)
Records Information Management
Recruiting Concepts (U.S.)
Retail Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Retail Management (U.S.)
Sales Concepts (U.S.)
Sales Concepts - Federal (U.S.)
SAS 6.0 (Base)
Security Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
SEI Capability Maturity Model Implementation
Server Administration
Sexual Harassment Awareness (U.S.)
SilverStream 2.5 Applications Server
Software Business Analysis
Software Configuration Management
Software Quality Assurance
Software Testing
Solomon IV
Solution Selling
Spelling (U.S.)
SQL (ANSI) Fundamentals
STD Control
Sybase 11.X Administration
Systems Analysis
Taxation (U.S.)
TCP/IP Administration
Technical Help Desk
Technical Help Desk (Microsoft)
Technical Writing
Telecommunications Industry Knowledge
Telephone Etiquette
Timberline 7.x
Time Management (U.S.)
Training Delivery and Evaluation
Training Development
TV Production Industry Knowledge
Typing Speed & Accuracy
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Unix Administration (AIX)
Unix Administration (General)
Unix Administration (HP)
Unix Administration (Solaris 8)
Unix Administration (Solaris)
Unix Korn Shell Scripting
Unix Programming (General)
VBScript 5.5
Visio 5.0
Visual Basic 5.0
Visual Basic 6.0
Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals
Visual Basic.NET
Visual C++
Visual FoxPro 6.0
Visual J++ 6.0
Vital Sign Techniques
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
VPN with Windows
WAN Technologies
Web Design Concepts
Web Design for Accessibility
Web Development Concepts
Web Server Administration
Web Services Application Engineering
Web Services Concepts
WebSphere MQ
Windows Application Program Interface
WinRunner 6.0
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
Wireless Network Technology
Word Processing Fundamentals
Workplace Fundamentals (U.S.)
Written English
Written French
Written German
Written Italian
Written Portuguese
Written Russian
Written Spanish
WWW Concepts
xDSL Technology
XML Concepts


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