Wednesday, March 02, 2005

[itsdifferent] I Again Repeat Dont Misinterpret

Hello Friends,

I think my defination of in-active members is Mis-Interpreted which is

obviously seen from some aggressive replies to it from some members.

Active Members = Reads Posting/Sends Posting

Passive Members = Only Reads Posting/Dont Send Posting

In-Active Members = Dont Read Posting/Dont Send Posting

I think now it must be clear what i meant by In-Active Members.

Friends these members are not even receiving our posting .

And you all dont have to make me understand that there cannot be group

will all active members. Yes I know there can be lots of passive

members . Let them be , at least there show thiere part by receiving

the knowledge we all want to share but In-Active members are no way in

interaction with the group.

And Please please send your thoughts on "In-Active" members and NOT on

"Passive" Members

Thanks & Regards,

- Deven

Note: This Group is not a Job Searching Group, so please co-operate and dont transfer any kind of job related material across this Group.AnyOne doing so can be banned from the Group

Thanx , Group Co-Ordinators

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