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color="#00C0C0">1. How to
protect yourself from Keyloggers at workplace/cafe/trojans in home PC ?

2. How to remove/bypass/crack a
BIOS password , or enable a floppy drive disabled thru the  BIOS?

3. How to decrypt(view source)
for Encrypted HTML ?

4. How to View Source
for HTML pages when right-click is disabled and/or the menu at top is also

5. How to Remove the Outlook
Express Splash Screen (Windows 9x/NT/ME/2K/XP) ?

6. How do I login into another
user's identity in Outlook Express ?


    I lost my OE password, how do I access it now?

7. How to change
Registration info (Name,Company) shown on Splashscreen for Office XP ?

8. How to Remove
the Content Advisor and Ratings Password (Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K) ?

9. How to view those
attachments (pics) in your mail when they get downloaded as garbage characters?

10. How to remove bugging IE
skins/icons (Hotbar and ZDnet skins) from its toolbar and change the title in Title
bar of IE 5+?

How to
stop Caltiger or any Ad-bar from downloading ads?

12. How to run SoftICE under
Windows ME?

13. How to run SoftICE under
Windows XP?

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color="#00C0C0" size="2" face="OCR A Extended">1. How to protect
yourself from Keyloggers at work/cybercafe/trojans in your home PC ?
  color="#ff9933" face="Arial" size="2">  face="Arial" size="2"> # mYstiC Y0gi #  face="Arial" size="2">20/04/2002

These days Agents spy on u everywhere, in college, at
work, maybe a trojan virus on your home PC which keylogs your paswords
and mails it to someone else. If u think u r being logged, try this:

Whenever u have to type a password,
never type the complete password in one go, ie, if your password is
WINDOWS, u should type
NDOW, then move cursor to start of the
password field using the mouse ONLY, then type WI, then move
cursor to end using the mouse and type S. This way the
logger will record your keystrokes as
instead of
WINDOWS. Haha, keylogger fooled.


face="OCR A Extended" size="2" color="#00C0C0">2. How to remove/bypass/crack a BIOS
password , or enable a floppy drive disabled thru the  BIOS?
face="OCR A Extended" size="3">  size="2">        
~~ �r���w�V� ~~
color="#FFFFFF" face="Arial" size="2">, # mYstiC Y0gi # size="3">  29/1/2001

Oh yeah, u always wanted to do this at college, because they disabled the floppy
drive from the BIOS and u cant change it because the BIOS is password protected.

Try this :

Goto the MS-DOS prompt & type the following:


O 70, 2e

O 71, ff

Now close the window & restart the comp. U will probably get a warning " color="#FF8000">CMOS Checksum Failure" Ignore it, load default settings and
save bios changes.(this should enable your floppy drives and clear all passwords)

This trick works on Award Bios and is
not tested with others.

size="2" color="#00C0C0">3. How to decrypt(view source) for
Encrypted HTML
  face="Arial" size="2">        
~~ �r���w�V� ~~
color="#FFFFFF" face="Arial" size="2">, # mYstiC Y0gi # size="3">  29/10/2001

There r plenty of utilities these days that claim to Encrypt the good 'ol open
source standard of HTML. But its all CRAP. Some of these shareware utilities even asking
for upto 25 $ for
it !!! What a load of bull****. Just do the following to trash these schemes:

1. In the encrypted page, u find only a
javascript code in the body like so:



function process(ar)


      var Stri=''

      var y, z, sum, n, n1, number, j=0

...........blah blah blah .. & so on ..........

2. Just add a single statement after the color="#FF8040"><!-- tag starts as shown:




function process(ar)


      var Stri=''

...........blah blah blah ...............

3. Now save and reload the page in IE. Viola, the
entire code is printed in the browser, where u can copy and paste to your notepad.

size="2" color="#00C0C0">4. How to View Source for HTML
pages when right-click is disabled and/or the menu at the top is
disabled as well?

 mYstiC Y0gi 

people try to hide their page source code by using javascript that
doesnt allow to right click, u get the nag box if u right click saying "Right-click
disabled or not allowed

But what
they dont know that our old friend Micro$oft

always designed IE so that Bill Gates could steal other peoples code

To View Source,
simply right click first to get the Nag box. Next press SpaceBar on the
keyoard and immediately rightclick on the mouse
almost simultaneously
. Do it 4-5 times in quick succession to get
it right. WOW, u got the regular
right-click, u can now steal code just like Bill GAtes !

If the window consists of frames, then u can also do this:

Point the mouse to the extreme right or extreme left side of the window
when maximized, now Right click to get the regular right-click Menu.

size="2" color="#00C0C0">5. How to Remove the Outlook
Express Splash Screen (Windows 9x/NT/ME/2K/XP) ?

  color="#FFFFFF">CoDe BreAkeR  20/07/2001

Open your registry and create a new  " color="#FF8000">REG_DWORD
" value called NoSplash
in the key below.  Change the value to equal 1 to
disable the splash screen.  0 = enable Splash Screen.
Exit the registry and restart Outlook Express


Outlook 4.0 and below

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Outlook 5.0

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{** Identity
ID**}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0


Where {** Identity ID **} is your system identity ID.

color="#00C0C0" size="2">6. How do I login into another user's identity in
Outlook Express ?


  I lost my OE password, how do I access it now?
face="Arial" size="2">  #
mYstiC Y0gi #

Goto this folder C:\WINDOWS\Application

Here u will find one or more folders named like {AB4DBF71-79BE-4268-A441-5EEE70C9094E}

One of these folders represents your identity. And u will find the folders for inbox,
outbox, sent items etc.. inside its subfolders. Now u have to find out which of these
folders represents your identity. ( If there r only 2 folders then the 1st is main &
second is your personal identity)

To find out which is your id folder, do this:

Copy the name of one such folder, AB4DBF71-79BE-4268-A441-5EEE70C9094E.

click on start, goto RUN, type REGEDIT

Select Find from the edit menu, then copy the folder name into it. search. When u find it,
it will give u the username of that identity. similarly search for remaining folder names
till u get your identity.

once u know your identity folder name, search for it again in regedit till u find a key
which is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Protected Storage
System Provider\your name\Data\89c39569-6841-11d2-9f59-0000f80



which has subkey called
IDENTITYPASS. Delete this folder key & the subkey identitypass.

This will clear the password. Now start OE, it wont ask for a password for your identity.

If u have access to the main identity & dont want to go thru the hassles of searching
for registry keys, u can simply do this:

Goto the folder C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\ keep it open and note the folders
present. Now create a new identity.

This will create a new subfolder in that folder. Now close OE, simply exchange all
subfolders of your identity's folder with the new identity's folders using cut paste.Now
open OE, log onto new identity , u will have all your stuff there.


color="#00C0C0">How to change
Registration info (Name,Company) shown on Splashscreen for OFFICE XP ?

mYstiC Y0gi # 

Open you registry ( Click
Start->RUN, type REGEDIT), find the key


Modify the contents of the DWORDs :
, Company,
UserInitials to your liking. But remember
to keep the same format, so only overwrite letters already present, each
letter is followed by 00 in hex as shown
below. U can extend the name but keep the format intact, end with 3 hex
zeros as shown.

0000  6d
00 59 00 73
00 74 00 

0008  69 00 63
20 00 59
  i.c. .Y.

0010  00 00                   
..    <- End with 3 hex zeros

After editing the
keys, goto this key

and delete the DWORD UserInfo. Close
Regedit & start {*APP*}. Where
{*APP*} = Word, Excel, Powerpoint,
Frontpage, Access & Outlook. By default, DWORD
of Excel, Word, etc.. are all same & if u screwed
something in the registry key earlier & Word wont start, then u can copy
that particular DWORD from Excel or viceversa.


8. How to Remove the Content
Advisor and Ratings Password (Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K) ?

  color="#FFFFFF">CoDe BreAkeR

If you've forgotten the Internet Explorer
content advisor password and want to change the ratings settings then follow these
instructions to change the settings back to their defaults. All the Content Advisor
settings are stored in the key below. If you no longer have the password, then simply
delete the key, and all the settings will be removed. Open you registry, find the key
below. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Ratings

Single click on the key to highlight it, press the DELETE key, or alternatively
select Delete from the Edit menu.

Close Internet Explorer, re-open it, and the Content Advisor feature should be disabled.


9. How to view
those attachments (pics) in your mail when they get downloaded as
garbage characters?
  color="#FFFFFF"> # mYstiC Y0gi #   

Everybody has some time or the other
encountered the problem of getting garbage characters (encoding) instead of pics or other
attachments. Well guys here's a simple technique to decode & then view such pics using
WinZip's built-in uuencode and Mime Decoder.

       Heres how to view those mailz which get downloaded in
the form of 64 bit encoding (mime). They look something like this:

Content-Type: image/jpeg;


Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

Content-Disposition: attachment;



<<this is just to show u how
encoding looks, it is not real encoding>>

--//Next Part. aerf//--

The stuff in blue
is the header information. The info in orange is the actual
encoding. The info in green is nextpart info, it is  of
no use to us.

First u will need to have Winzip 7.0
or higher installed. Now,  copy the whole encoded matter, including the header
information. Do not copy the next part info. color="#0000ff">
Paste it into notepad/wordpad & save it as filename.uue

UUE (Unix to Unix Encoding) is a registered file type of WinZip, as it
recognizes uuencode & mime. So the file will get the WinZip icon. Open it &
extract the decoded file. If the header info is not copied along with the encoding, then u
will have to rename the extracted file to graphic.jpg or graphic.gif or any other
extension depending on what it is.

The technique need not be restricted
to copying 1 attachment at a time, you can copy entire block of attachments at once, just
make sure it starts at the header & ends before Next part.

10. How to remove bugging IE skins/icons (Hotbar and ZDnet skins) from its toolbar and change the
title in Title bar of IE 5?
  color="#ff9933" face="Arial" size="2"> 
size="2">~~ �r���w�V� ~~ color="#ff9933">    11/12/2000

All ISP CDs provide customised versions of IE
with stupid icons & internet connection wizards which sometimes dont allow u to use
other connections. The best way to remove them is not to install them in the first place.
Simply copy the IE5 setup files from CD to your drive, then delete a file called color="#FF8040">
. Then run setup from your drive. After setup u may get
a prompt saying "setup not completed last time" simply click cancel there.

If u have already installed IE
previously, then do the following :

Open Regedit and find the key


2. Check for the names
"bigbitmap","smallbitmap". Delete those entries (This removes your
skins on IE). 

3. Check for the name "Window Title". Right click on it, select modify. Now
enter desired name in
data field.
Leaving the field blank would
remove the title from title bar.

4. Do the same for this key :


5. Exit Regedit and restart Internet Explorer.   

6. You can also set your own bitmaps instead of


color="#FFFFFF">  11.
How to stop Caltiger or any Ad-bar from downloading ads?
face="Arial" size="2" color="#FF9933">   
size="2" color="#FFFFFF"> lm1203n, # mYstiC Y0gi #  size="2" color="#FFFFFF"> lm1203n, # mYstiC Y0gi # , ~~ �r���w�V� ~~ face="Arial" size="2">   15/12/2000 face="Arial" size="2">   15/12/2000

face="OCR A Extended" size="2" color="#FF8000">

The following techniques work
for most adbars :

First get Sinfo - a freeware u can
get by searching on yahoo.

In Caltiger 2.0

1. Launch Sinfo

2. Click On Processes

3. Select Caltiger

4. Click On Kill Process

In Caltiger 3.0

1. Start Sinfo

2. Click Windows

3. Select "Caltiger" (#32770(Dialog))

4. Click Hide

if they dont work on your adbar, try the following:

Get a hex editor like HexWorkshop or Hiew & open file caltiger.exe for hex editing.
Scroll through to find a url something like this:

===> Initially

a.b.o. color="#00FF00">u
.t.:. color="#00FF00">b.l.a. color="#00FF00">n.k. . . . . . . . . ...c.o.m./ face="Comic Sans MS" size="2" color="#00FF00">  ====> Change to this

Now change only the letters leaving
the intermediate spaces intact.(they're not spaces actually, so don't touch them) as shown



color="#00C0C0">12. How to run SoftICE under Windows ME?  color="#FFFFFF" size="2" face="Arial">JunkCode / ߲�      color="#C0C0C0" size="2" face="Arial">4/11/2001

face="Tahoma" size="2">

SoftICE v4.05 or higher supports Windows Millennium. Follow these steps to install SoftICE
on Millennium:

1. Download the 'Microsoft Debugging tools for Windows Millennium(WINMEDDK.EXE)' available
at style="color: #FF8040"> Install it. You
need the debug version of io.sys out of this debugging kit in order to run SoftICE on
Millennium. So, find the file winboot.sys in the directory where the tools were installed.
Rename it io.sys, and copy it into your root directory (C:\). We strongly recommend that
you back up the old version of io.sys.

2. If you are running SoftICE 4.05, copy the following files into your Windows directory:




Also copy debugger.exe available at href=""
style="color: #FF8040">
into the Windows directory.


13. How to run SoftICE
under Windows XP?
  color="#FFFFFF" size="2" face="Arial">   
color="#C0C0C0" size="2" face="Arial">8/11/2001

face="Tahoma" size="2"> 

Under COMPATIBILITY settings, you can select the level of XP compatibility.

If you select Windows 2000 under compatibility, you can run SoftIce 4.05

for NT. You can also select win98 under compatibility and run SoftIce 4.05

9x. SoftIce is apparently very easy to get going under XP, because it only

uses 1 dll.


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