Wednesday, April 06, 2005

[itsdifferent] Gmail with 2GB space

Gmail Will Now Offer Two Free Gigabytes of Storage to

Gmail or Yahoo! Mail? Now that Yahoo! Mail has matched
the Gmail offer of 1GB storage to its free e-mail
customers, Google is doing the obvious thing and
pulling ahead again, reopening "the one-gig gap"
between its Gmail service and all-comers.

in beta on April 1 of last year, Gmail users will now
be able to store e-mail and attachments up to 2GB per

"Our goal is to make sure storage is no longer an
issue for web mail users," said Marissa Mayer,
Google's director of consumer web products - a clear
indication that even 2GB is by no means as high as
Google is prepared to go to keep itself in the lead
over all-comers.

enjoy the 2Gb space from gmail...

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