Monday, April 25, 2005

[itsdifferent] Has some serious prob to be solved

Hi... Sarfraz,
From what I understood of your problem, here is the explanation.
1. Analysis of a site.
By this they want you to analyze some existing site. Surely you have been given some site address. You have to do analysis of site like, what the site is offering, what are the target areas, what is the aim of site, how it is doing it etc.
2. Analysis for the improvement of the keyword.
Every commercial site has keyword defined to enlist it on various search engine. Here they want you to suggest improved keyword for the site based on your previous analysis of site so that rankings of site can be improved with the search engines.
3. How to improve policies of the site.
Based on your analysis of site, here they want you to suggest improvements for the policies of site. How new policies can target the focus areas and viewers. Basically these are new ideas that can attract more visitors and retain existing visitors of the site.
4. How can i improve the site./5. how i can improve the design of the site.
By this I think they meant that you suggest the technical and graphical improvements to the site. For example, a Flash site can be attractive to the leisure portal visitors. And the other areas where improvement is needed like search facility on site should be made faster etc.
6. How can  PR can be increased.
Here you need to suggest customer relationship management ideas. Like how they can interact interestingly with the customers/visitors, how they can keep in touch with customers like way of the newsletters, discount offers to the regular customers etc., how problems of the customer/visitor can be solved promptly through live support on site etc.
I hope I understood you problem correctly. It looks like case of analysis and design for existing system for improvements and problem solving.
I hope this will be helpful to you.

muhammad sarfraz <> wrote:
Hello all
kindly guide me on this issue what i have to do.
i have been given task to
1.analysis of a sit.
2. analysis for the improvement of the keyword
3. How to improve the policies of site.
4. how can i improve the site i can improve the design of the site can  PR can be increased.
i spent all the day to find most of it. but failed to accomplish.
kindly help me to solve this issue as soon as possible.

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