Friday, May 20, 2005

[itsdifferent] And lines to code before before they beep


This poem is tribute to all those software engineers/programmers who spend sleepless nights writing quality software and who are governed by dumb bosses who take the credit.
- Jaideeep

And lines to code before before they beep

By Jaideep Satghare

Here I sit holding my head,
lamenting over a thread long dead,
drowsy eyes longing for a cosy bed
so much that a thread once green now appears red.

To sleep or not to sleep that was the question,
in these cubicles - the coder's last bastion.
Debugging the code had taken its toll,
felt like my head had a big hole

Single-stepping thru the mammoth code,
I hardly remember dozing off on the keyboard.
Until I was awakened by that familiar sound
of my manager barking on the phone like a bloodhound

"The code had been delivered , the money already taken
if you don't fix this they will fry me like bacon",
sobbed the manager by now visibly shaken
the lion had just turned into a boneless chicken

So here I am, sitting so very late
contemplating my poor own fate
when tomorrow this code will be in production
and the manager on leave, for a "tooth extraction"

-A poem by Jaideep Satghare



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