Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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Lunar Republic Society

It has now been 11850 days — more than three decades — since humans last set foot on the Moon. This time, we go back to stay!

Toward A Lunar Republic

The future of the Moon, including settlement, tourism and resource development is in your hands. Find out more about the role you can play in this remarkable project. [ Click here]

In The News

Expanded news coverage: To keep you up to date on the latest news from space exploration, the aerospace industry and privatized development of the Moon, we have expanded our Media:Luna news section to include news and headlines updated every fifteen minutes throughout the day. [Click here]

U.S. President Bush's plan to establish a manned science base on the Moon and to send humans to Mars is likely to fail before ever getting off the ground. [ Click here]

The Lunar Embassy's Canadian franchisee, a fugitive wanted on fraud charges, is arrested outside a Las Vegas casino; had gambled with "moon owner" Dennis Hope in Las Vegas prior to disappearance.  [Click here]

The organizers of the Kennedy II Lunar Exploration Project have announced that they will accept financial support from the Lunar Republic Society and its partners as part of a $3.5-billion effort toward a commercial mission to build settlements on the Moon. [Click here]

More than 30 years after the Apollo astronauts walked on the Moon's surface, the European Smart-1 space probe was launched on 27 September to investigate the Lunar far side in a mission that could finally answer questions about the origin of Earth's closest neighbor. [Click here]

The head of the European Space Agency's Smart-1 Lunar mission says that human settlement of the Moon will be technologically possible within two decades — if political roadblocks are cleared. [ Click here]

India's Prime Minister has announced that the nation expects to send an unmanned exploratory craft expected to the Moon by 2008. [ Click here]

The International Astronomical Union has announced that it will postpone designating Lunar craters to commemorate the fallen crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS 107) for three years. [Click here]

The International Astronomical Union unanimously votes to vacate the designation of a crater named after a suspected Nazi war criminal following an inquiry by the Lunar Republic Society. [ Click here]

Click here to visit the Moon! The most comprehensive Lunar atlas ever released online to the public is now available to everyone. Get your first look ... and don't forget to pick up your full version on CD-ROM! [ Click here]

Lunar Resources

Searching for information on lunar mineral resources? Looking for the history of lunar exploration? When's the next full moon? You'll find what your looking for, including maps, photographs, reference materials and links, in our extensive storehouse of lunar facts and figures! [Click here]

The Lunar Shops™

If it's Lunar, it's available from The Lunar Shops™! The official retailer of the Lunar Republic Society offers books, globes, maps, posters ... even your own acre of land on the Moon. Whether you are into astronomy, science fiction or if you're simply seeking a great gift idea, a stroll down our aisles will lead to just what you are looking for! [Click here]

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