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Re: [itsdifferent] How to Check Site is Listed.


Haven't yet got a command of how to check a site is
listed in the directory or not.
In this article there is no criteria explained.
Any help will be highly appreciated.


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> > How can we check from a Directory that our site is
> > listed or not in it.
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    Submitting a Site to The Open Directory Project 
DMOZ: Open Directory Project
Open Directory Project

   About ODP
      Become an Editor
      Social Contract
      ODP Data - RDF
      Submitting a Site

   Editing Guidelines
   Editor Resources
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   Deutsch - German
   Español - Spanish
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How to suggest a site to the Open Directory
The Open Directory Project is a web directoryof
Internet resources. A web directory is something akin
to a huge referencelibrary. The directory is
hierarchically arranged by subject - from broadto
specific. The ODP is maintained by community editors
who evaluatesites for inclusion in the directory. They
are our experts, and all submissionsare subject to
editor evaluation.

We care a great deal about the quality of the ODP. We
aren't asearch engine and pride ourselves on being
highly selective. We don't acceptall sites, so please
don't take it personally should your site not be
accepted.Our goal is to make the directory as useful
as possible for our users,not to have the directory
include all (or even most) of the sites thatcould
possibly be listed or serve as a promotional tool for
the entitieslisted.

To keep the ODP running smoothly and to assist us in
exercising oureditorial discretion, we have set up
policies for submitting sites forour consideration. We
may reject, delete, or edit submissions thatviolate
these policies or that we otherwise believe, in our
sole discretion,should not be included in the
directory. We may also reject, delete, orblock other
sites that we believe to be associated with a user who
hasviolated these policies.

You should take a few moments to understand these
policies and the stepsto submit a site before you
begin.  Failure to understand and followthese
instructions generally will result in the rejection of
a submission.
Step One
Determine whether a site is appropriate for submission
to the ODP:

   Do not submit mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites
that contain identicalcontent, but have altogether
different URLs.
   Do not submit URLs that contain only the same or
similar content as othersites you may have listed in
the directory.  Sites with overlappingand repetitive
content are not helpful to users of the directory.
Multiple submissions of the same or related sites may
result in the exclusionand/or deletion of those and
all affiliated sites.
   Do not disguise your submission and submit the same
URL more than once.
Example: and
   Do not submit any site with an address that
redirects to another address.
   The Open Directory has a policy against the
inclusion of sites with illegalcontent. Examples of
illegal material include child pornography;
libel;material that infringes any intellectual
property right; and material thatspecifically
advocates, solicits or abets illegal activity (such as
fraudor violence).
   Do not submit sites "under construction." Wait
until a site is completebefore submitting it. Sites
that are incomplete, contain "Under
Construction"notices, or contain broken graphics or
links aren't good candidates forthe directory.
   Submit pornographic sites to the appropriate
category under Adult.
   Submit non-English sites to the appropriate
category under World.
   Don't submit sites consisting largely of affiliate
Step Two
Do a quick search in the directory home
of the Open Directory) to be sure your site isn't
already listed.This saves everyone time.
Step Three
Identify the single best category for your site.
TheOpen Directory has an enormous array of subjects to
choose from. You should submit a site to the single
most relevant category. Sitessubmitted to
inappropriate or unrelated categories may be rejected
or removed.

Note: Some categories do not have "suggest URL" or
"update URL"links. These categories don't accept
submissions, so you should find amore specific
category for your site.
Step Four
Once you've selected the best category for your site,
go directly to thatcategory on and then click
"suggestURL." Follow the instructions on the
submission form carefully. Descriptions of sites
should describe the content of the site conciselyand
accurately.  They should not be promotional in nature.
Submittinga promotional description rather than an
objective, well written descriptionmay significantly
delay your site from being listed or prevent your
sitefrom being listed at all.  Auto-submission
software is (and always has been) a violation of this
procedure. Sites submitted automatically are flagged
and deleted after the submission is accepted, without
notification to you.  Persistent automatic submission
may force us to ban you from the dmoz site, so we can
provide resources to real human beings.
Procedure After Your Site is Submitted
An ODP editor will review your submission to determine
whether to includeit in the directory. Depending on
factors such as the volume of submissionsto the
particular category, it may take several weeks or more
before yoursubmission is reviewed. Please only submit
a URL to the Open Directoryonce. Again, multiple
submissions of the same or related sites mayresult in
the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all
affiliated sites. Disguising your submission and
submitting the same URL more than once isnot
Updating Your Site
If a site has been accepted for inclusion in the
directory but you aredissatisfied with how the site is
described or titled, you may go to thecategory where
it is listed, and fill out the "update URL" form.If
you are dissatisfied with the category in which your
site is listed,you may send an e-mail to an editor for
the category explaining your disagreement.Be polite
and civil -- threatening or abusive behavior will not
be tolerated.

If (but only if) you are dissatisfied with the
editor's response, youmay then use the "Feedback" link
at the top of the page to "appeal" theeditor's
decision. Be specific concerning your disagreement
(includingwhy you believe the editor's response is
inadequate). Comments madethrough the feedback link
are reviewed by the ODP staff, who will makethe final
decision. Please do NOT send correspondence to
Netscape,as that will only slow down and complicate
the process. We take allfeedback seriously and give it
our thoughtful consideration. Butplease remember that
we must exercise our discretion and make
numerousjudgment calls as to how to make the ODP as
useful as possible -- no matterwhat decision we make,
we may not always satisfy everyone.
Getting Your Site Into Portals and Search Engines
Using ODP Data
If your site has been accepted into the Open
Directory, it may take anywherefrom 2 weeks to several
months for your site to be listed on partner
siteswhich use the Open Directory data, such as
AOLSearch, Google,Netscape Search, Yahoo Search,and
hundreds of other sites.We make updates of the data
available weekly, but each partner has theirown update
Editorial Discretion
Please recognize that making the ODP a useful resource
requires us to exercisebroad editorial discretion in
determining the content and structure ofthe directory.
That discretion extends (but is not limited) to
whatsites to include, where in the directory sites are
placed, whether andwhen to include more than one link
to a site, when deep linking is appropriate,and the
content of the title and description of the site. In
addition,a site's placement in the directory is
subject to change or deletion atany time at our sole
discretion. You should not rely on any aspect of
asite's inclusion in the directory.  Please understand
that an editor'sexercise of discretion may not always
treat all submissions equally. Youmay not always agree
with our choices, but we hope you recognize that wedo
our best to make fair and reasonable decisions.

The Open Directory team welcomes comments and feedback
about thedirectory generally. Please let us know what
you think, and how wecan improve the service. Thanks!

Proceed to the Open Directoryhome at - Start
here to find a category to submit to.

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Corporation (Terms of Use - License)

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