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Why Choose Novell for Linux?


Read this free white paper from Novell to explore why you should consider Linux. Learn about Linux's potential cost and flexibility advantages over Windows and UNIX platforms and why Novell is the best distribution vendor for Linux from both a technology and support standpoint.


How to squeeze every drop of optimization out of Windows XP

Optimizing XPAccording to industry estimates, more than 250 million users boot up their PCs with Windows XP. According to TechRepublic members, optimizing the operating system is the key strategy for getting the most out of XP. These downloads offer a number of shortcuts, tweaks, and strategies for securing and accelerating the XP experience.

Windows XP services that can be disabled

One of the most effective ways to secure and speed up a Windows XP workstation is to turn off unnecessary services. This reference sheet lists each Windows XP SP 2 service, describes each service's function, specifies whether you can safely disable the service, and outlines the ramifications of doing so.

Use these four Registry tweaks to accelerate Windows XP

There are plenty of third party programs that claim to tweak or optimize Windows. However, what most of them ultimately do is to simply make Registry edits. Here are four tweaks that experienced IT professionals can manually make to improve the speed of Windows XP.

Add Safe Mode to the standard Windows XP boot menu

Next time you have to go into Safe Mode on a Windows XP system, don't worry about having to repeatedly tap F8. Instead, use this tip to add Safe Mode to the standard Windows XP boot menu so that you can easily enter Safe Mode without cramping up your index finger.

25 keyboard shortcuts for moving faster in Windows XP

The point and click interface has made computers accessible to the masses. However, IT professionals know that it's much faster to use keyboard shortcuts than to point and click. Here are 25 useful keyboard shortcuts that can help you navigate Windows XP faster than ever.

Uncover hardware that the Windows XP Device Manager hides

For administrators and help desk techs, one of the most challenging hardware troubleshooting issues in Windows XP is the fact that the Device Manager hides non-Plug and Play devices as well as non-present ghosted devices. Learn how to configure Windows XP so that these devices are no longer automatically hidden.

Tune Windows XP to speed up boot and shutdown times

A common annoyance for both IT professionals and end users is having to sit and wait while Windows reboots. This sample hack from O'Reilly's Windows XP Hacks, 2nd Edition shows how to tweak a PC's BIOS, the Windows Registry, and other Windows XP settings to streamline boot and shutdown times.

Maximize the Performance of Windows XP

Here is an in-depth 62-page chapter from the O'Reilly book Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks, 2nd Edition. It contains a collection of "tips, secrets, and solutions" that administrators can use to improve Windows XP and overcome some of its idiosyncrasies.

30+ Keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Internet Explorer

Of course, one of the most widely used applications in Windows is Internet Explorer. Here is a handy, two-page table that lists more than 30 time-saving keyboard shortcuts for IE.

Quiz: Test your knowledge of Windows XP performance

Are you an old pro with a couple of years of XP performance tweaking under your belt? If so, take our interactive Windows XP performance quiz and see how your knowledge scores.

Microsoft announces new name for next OS

It's official. Microsoft's Vista (the operating system formerly known as Longhorn) is slated for a beta release on Aug. 3, 2005. This test release will be targeted at developers and IT pros. According to Microsoft's announcement today, the advertising tagline for Vista is "Clear, Confident, Connected: Bringing clarity to your world." Join the discussion on Longhorn's new name.

Targeted white papers

  • Managing Mobility in the Enterprise One of the greatest challenges to both enterprise business and IT groups over the next 5 years will be effective deployment and management of mobility in the workforce. Mobile management must be a key component of any enterprise mobile strategy if it is to succeed. Failure to include adequate levels of mobile management will substantially increase TCO, will prevent the most efficient deployment, and will degrade the end user experience. Mobile management is different than desktop management and specific tools must be deployed to make it work properly.
  • ROI Whitepaper on Software Packaging by IDC Analyst firm IDC conducted a study of several enterprises using AdminStudio to prepare software packages for deployment. The results of this study are presented in this white paper. Read how AdminStudio reduces organization's software rollout time by at least 55 percent.

Download: Create advanced Excel 2003 formulas
This chapter from Que Publishing's Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Excel 2003 shows you how to go beyond the equations you can coble together with Excel's humble equals sign and common operators. Learn how to create advanced Excel formulas that can help dramatically improve your business modeling.

Test your knowledge of Windows XP performance
How much do you know about Windows XP? Find out by taking our interactive quiz.

Download: QuickStart Guide: A primer on obtaining federal government contracts
TechRepublic offers this resource for bidding on contracts with the federal government. It lists the agencies to contact and explains the bidding process and how agencies award contracts.

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