Thursday, July 14, 2005

[itsdifferent] Microsoft Corp setting up Third Bhasha Lab in Gujarat

 Microsoft Corp setting up Third Bhasha Lab in Gujarat

Microsoft Corporation has also drawn up a blue print for e-governance initiative in Gujarat. Accordingly, Microsoft Corp India is in the process of setting up its third Bhasha Lab in India at Infocity near Gandhinagar. MS-Gujarati will be the biggest initiative this year in increasing computer penetration in the State. The Bhasha Lab intends to carry forward this process by developing and training the human resource. For the purpose, the company with the Directorate of Languages will provide a platform for Gujarati language. It is aimed to increase the internet penetration among the masses. The company has also tied up with premier institutes to enable students to develop programme based on Unicode. The company will initially invest Rs.100 million in setting up this lab. It will also draw a calendar of activities to be undertaken. The company and the State Government will roll out the e-gram initiative under which the village panchayats will be computerized. It is proposed to complete computerization of 5,800 villages, out of which, around 1,000 villages will have internet connectivity. By July end, this number will go up to 2,500 villages.

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