Friday, July 22, 2005

[itsdifferent] Please help them


Please bear with this forward for 2 minutes...

This is a serious issue. Please forward it to as many as possible.

We are a non-profit organization trying to help a small group of people in a remote town in Karnataka, near Dharwad (150Km away). This small
village is inhabited by around 400-500 people who are mainly laborers working as stone breakers and lime extractors. Due to their continuous contact with hazardous materials, nearly 70% of the working class have got a very rare cancer
breeding virus, which can be still be  treated as this is at an early stage.

We contacted Tata Hospital, Mumbai, who agreed to send us special equipment and medicines, but the expenditure runs into a few lakhs of rupees. We can understand the plight of this small town, as they are very poor, and can hardly afford such a high cost of m edical treatment Our group of 6 doctors and 10 medical helpers, have decided to help them We need your help.

We are not asking for any financial help, but just send this email to all your known Indian friends. Our sponsors have agreed to pay us Rs.2 to 5/-. Each time this email will be forwarded. We thank these sponsors for being so considerate.

Please make sure that you include the email address, below
since only then the sponsors will pay us. Let us prove that as Indians we are still united,and fight for these poor people, whose future is in our hands.

Our special thanks to Mr Ratan Tata, since he was very helpful in finding the sponsors (

Sponsors :

1.Times of India ( <>)

2.   Amala Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Amalanagar, Trichur District,
Kerala State 680 553 Trissur Kerala, India.

3.Karnataka Cancer Therapy and Research Institute M.G.Road, Navanagar,
580025 Hubli Karnataka, India

4. Tata Memorial Centre (Tata Memorial Hospital & Cancer Research
Institute) Dr.E.Borges Marg Parel 400 012 Mumbai Maharashtra, India

Note : Dharwad is well-connected to Bangalore, Goa, Belgaum and Miraj.

Belgaum is the nearest airport, about 140 Kms away.
M. John Marshall Human Resources Ford Business Services Center Pvt.Ltd.,
Chennai - 600 032. Phone 235 23 00 X 5398 Fax 235 47 34

  Mahesh Kumar.S
  Mobile : +91-09840441026
      Freunde erkennt man in der Not 
    A friend in need is a friend indeed

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Note: This Group is not a Job Searching Group, so please co-operate and dont transfer any kind of job related material across this Group.AnyOne doing so can be banned from the Group
Thanx , Group Co-Ordinators

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