Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Re: [itsdifferent] Regarding new technology in the .Net

Software that enables one to add and/or manipulate content on a Web site. Typically, a CMS consists of two elements: the content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). The CMA element allows the content manager or author, who may not know HTML, to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a Webmaster. The CDA element uses and compiles that information to update the Web site. The features of a CMS system vary, but most include Web-based publishing, format management, revision control, and indexing, search, and retrieval

What Is the Active Directory?

In today's networked environment it's crucial to be able to control access to each network device easily. A method is needed to control who has access to what device and when. This includes devices such as printers, files, and any other local network resource or item on the distributed network. AD provides the ability to do this, integrated with the operating system (OS), which means very intrinsic support at a very low leve

Actually a new project comes in our company from USA Company.

They want to use MCMS server for the content management.

I made a simple project using all these technology separately (Enterprises library, ADSI)

I need main help regarding MCMS server. I also made a simple project it work fine, but doesn’t know ho to design a complete project in that

ashish tonk <> wrote:

hi deepak
here i am ashish
i m also working in Mobile technology...
on the SMS based application .. in which we r upload the XML file and then the messages send to the gateway finally the message send by the gateway to the users..
if u intrested then plz share ur exp..
ashish  (An  Escorts Group Company)

deepak_coolhot <> wrote:

Hi friends,

Currently i am working in the Microsoft project in my company using

1. Microsoft content management
2. Active directory service interface
3. Enterprise library ( All 7 blocks)
4. Mobile Application

If some body wanna to share knowledge ,please welcome

Deepak Jain

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