Thursday, November 24, 2005

NTFS and ADS - Where Windows Stores info for File Property's Summary Tab

Just came across a problem where we have to store some info like author , summary etc for a file (which should not be displayed to Normal user)
As the solution was meant for high-end machines , we found out this links and related solution from Code Project
Please follow this links

Since NT 3.1, the NTFS file system has supported multiple data-streams for files. There has never been built-in support for viewing or manipulating these additional streams, but the Windows API functions include support for them with a special file syntax: Filename.ext:StreamName. Even Win9x machines can access the alternative data streams of files on any NTFS volume they have access to, e.g. through a mapped drive. Because the Scripting.FileSystemObject and many other libraries call the CreateFile API behind the scenes, even scripts have been able to access alternative streams quite easily (although enumerating the existing streams has always been tricky).

Brijesh Pandya

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