Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Re: [itsdifferent] SQL Client for Multiple types of Database

Dear Deven,
I have not encountered with this yet. Seems to be a good way to deal with multiple databases instead of going into individual style of working.
So far I have used following database add-in tools which can help a person who want to explore some of the interesting features provided by them.

Deven Goratela <dev_khatri@yahoo.com> wrote:
Ever wanted to connect to Oracle,MySQL, MS-SQL, HSQL, Informix,
DB2,etc. with same SQL Client?

Try using this SQL client from this URL
It runs on Java and you need to have valid drivers jar files.

May be there will be other clients also available for such purposes
but this one is OpenSource and very less configuration needed.

I have been using it, its easy to use. If anyone has other options
then let us know.

- Deven

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