Sunday, September 07, 2008

[itsdifferent] 25 Sure-fire Ways To Motivate Your Team Members


       1.     Projects are about humans. Deal with that
2. Self realization comes from self evaluation
3. Take time to explain your actions to yourself
4. The only valuable experience is one you learn from
5. Meditate; see the project process as a flow
6. Flexibility in communication skills
7. Self reflection is one of the best forms of mental exercise
8. Meditate.
9. Inspirations go a long way in life
10.Relate project scenes / scenarios to your favorite television shows
11. Try to come up with three different metaphors for your project
12.View your project or organization as a fish pondiew your project or organization as a fish pond
13. Practice putting yourself in another's position when you are about to judge them
14.Think about your team
15. study the behavior of individual coworkers
16. Evaluate the behavior of your foreign coworkers
17.Give your team feedback. Be kind but honest in evaluation.
18. Deliberate every process element of your plan and mull over what it is supposed achieve
19. Analogies go a long way in thinking things through and the comparisons make you appreciate the complexity of life itself
20. Play The Sims to see how people react in different circumstances.
21. Mull over why your project / company or industry is located around the world the way it is.

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