Sunday, October 19, 2008

[itsdifferent] Tips to remove malware from web apps

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With the evolution of malware such as Asprox botnet, that not only compromises your website but also infects visitors coming to it. Removing malwares from portals has gained a lot of significance .

HackAlert is an online service for monitoring websites and Web applications for malicious code. As soon as the software detects any malicious code on the webserver, it instantly alerts administrators.

Apart from detecting injected code it can also scan outside links which might drop a malware to a client machine. It comes with an HTML analysis engine, which can identify malicious links embedded in JavaScript or in the form of hidden iFrames. It uses pattern-free behavioral analysis to detect unknown and zeroday malwares. It also provides detailed reports and threats graphs.

You start of by providing URLs which you want to get scanned. You can also upload a file containing the list of URLs.

Next you need to schedule timings for the scan to take place and the interval between the successive scans. Minimum interval you can select is 20 mins.

Through the main console, you can review the URLs
currently being monitored, see their reports, update their settings, etc.

Upon detection of a malware the software shows you the severity level of malware present along with its their location and name.

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