Friday, May 19, 2006

[itsdifferent] Help me... Regarding smart client application deployment ( ClickOnce )

Hello all of you…..
Let me first tell you thanks in advanced.
I am facing unexpected problem in ClickOnce application deployment. The problem is mention below.
When i am deploying the application on the remote server located in U.S, the VS IDE generates the error and says: Front Page Server Extension is not installed, but actually there server extension is installed there. The operating system on the server is windows 2003 server.
To ignore this problem, I generate the deployment package on local machine, then zip it and restore on the server. This works fine on the first request for the application installation. But when i update something and deploy it once again, the application won't update on the client machine. And sometimes, it generates the error message shown below. I don’t know whether this is correct or not. Please guide me for this.
Error MessageBox :   "Application cannot be started. Contact your application verndor"
Please let me know about this. If possible please tell me the complete procedure about the frontpage extension server.
I am sure at least one of you knows this problem and has a better solution. I am almost reaching at the great frustration.
Please please…. Thank you once agains.
Chintan Parmar
Sortware Engineer  ( Junior )

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