Thursday, May 25, 2006

Re: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Google

Thanks Het,
I knew just 4 of them :)
I hope they don't change the first point often as one my application has literally married with google query syntax.
On 5/26/06, <> wrote:
Some things i knew some i didn't.
1. Google query syntax underwent some subtle changes over the years.
2. Google itself was Beta.
3. PageRank more than 1-10 – maybe.
4. Google's co-founders didn't like each other in the beginning.
5. Google has 16 official blogs.
6. Google self-censors in several countries.
7. Google stopped counting their index size.
8. The Google API may offer over 1,000 requests.
9. Google comic book search.
10. Google Writely is a multi-user chat.

Het Waghela,, (The Technology Blog)
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