Wednesday, July 05, 2006

[itsdifferent] Need Help on Grid Computing...

Dear Friends,
We are a group of persons, who want to work on Grid Computing Service.
We have enough basic idea on working of Grid Computing.
We want to develope grid like sun N1 Grid Engine. Ref:
We have ten computers, 5 computers running windows and other 5 are running Linux.
We want to use the power of both platform with all computers.
For this which is better? Cluster or Grid?
If anybody is working on Grid Computing then please let me know which type of job we can execute in grid and for development of that project what we will be needed?
Thanks in advance for guidance.
Bhavesh Javani

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Note: This Group is not a Job Searching Group, so please co-operate and dont transfer any kind of job related material across this Group.AnyOne doing so can be banned from the Group
Thanx , Group Co-Ordinators


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