Wednesday, July 19, 2006

[itsdifferent] need help

hi guys,
frustated with this Trojan Horse Downloader.Generic.HGT.  It is very nasty trojan. I tried to remove by using different tools but again i am on the same track.
Let me explain about this.
1> Whenever i get connected to internet, it will download VB exe files and many more on the C drive like keyboard22.exe,newname22.exe,dr.exe etc
2> When i checked my registry i found above exe in RUN keys...
3> When I checked my task manager ... I found project1 a VB application is running and in processes dr.exe are running
4> it start downloading as my NIC cards shows lots of packets ...although i haven't opened a single webpage.
It really sucked me...
Then i installed AVG 7.1 antivirus. AVG detected the virus and removed but again after some time same files and same processes. Then i tried manually to remove some files which looks weared got success for liitle time but after 1 hour again the same things. also with this some adware or malware got instlled on my PC which continuously pops up the ads which again sucks me.
I removed spywares using Spyware doctor. but again and again same spyware and trojan got installed on my PC.
Then i searched on the internet about this. I found some tools like
1> Look2Me-Destroyer.exe
2> AlcanShorty
I used it. It removed the files. Waw after one reboot every things get cleared ...
I was really scared to start my internet connection as i was worried about ...if it comes back.
I started the internet connection... everything was working fine. For 20 minutes to 40 i haven't found any files or spywares.
But after that again the Trojan Horse Downloader.Generic.HGT comes back with same things and same popups...
i tried 4-5 times to clean using above mentioned tools but no success...
Plz somebody help me to get out of this ........
these are links for more info

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