Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogspot blackout in India


Blogspot blackout in India

Two sources, one inside the Government of India and the other kind of inside/outside have confirmed to the Mutiny, that ISPs are being instructed to 'control' access to blogspot. It seems that some blogs are being used by some terror units (read SIMI) to communicate.

There is a crack down in place. IP numbers are being physically located and identified. All should come back to normal once this operation is over. There is no ban in place. Livejournal and Wordpress have been spared. No reason given.


However you can view the blogspot blogs using PK blogs

You can view the blogspot like this for eg., my blogspot address is so either one will definitely work. So can see other blogspot like this*replace with blogspotid*

So happy blogging!!!

Het Waghela,, (The Technology Blog)
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