Wednesday, June 07, 2006

[itsdifferent] GMail Beta vs Yahoo Beta vs Hotmail Beta

Free storage 2.65GB 1GB 2GB
Browsers IE 5.5, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari IE, Firefox, Opera IE 6 and up; basic features work in other browsers
Integration with the brand's other services Integrates with Google Calendar beta, Google Talk (Chat) beta; locations link to Google Maps Links to Yahoo Calendar and Notepad Displays Windows Live Calendar beta
Drag and drop messages No Yes Yes
Organize messages Labels Folders Folders
Security protection Spam and virus filters; bounces back messages with EXE files Spam and virus filters Spam and phishing filters
Search messages Yes, attachments as well Yes, attachments as well Yes, text only
Message strings Yes No No
Ads Text ads within the interface are based on content of your e-mail Animated, graphical ads within the interface Animated, graphical ads within the interface
RSS newsreader Web Clips within the interface Yes No
How to test Create a Gmail account with your mobile phone Get on waiting list at Yahoo's Web site Get on waiting list within your Hotmail account
Tabbed messaging No Yes No
Saves sent messages Yes Yes Yes
Can customize style No Dozens of message stationery templates 9 interface color schemes
Mouse right-click functions No Yes Yes
Keyboard shortcuts Yes Yes, right-click menus Yes, right-click menus
Set away message Yes Yes No
Filter messages Yes Yes Yes
Spelling checker Yes, in 30 languages IE only IE only; highlights potential errors within message body
Forwarding and POP Yes Yes No
Support Searchable knowledge base, user forums Animated overview, tutorials, knowledge base Searchable knowledge base, FAQs
Alternate interface Switch to HTML interface Switch to classic Yahoo Mail Switch to classic Hotmail
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