Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Re: [itsdifferent] Enterprise Library Exception Handling Block

Thank You very much
Arvind Srivastava

Deepak Jain <> wrote:
Steps as follows:-
1. Copy dll of exception to the project  bin directory .
2. Change config setting as add exceptionManagement  section..
<section name="exceptionManagement" type="Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ExceptionManagement.ExceptionManagerSectionHandler,Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ExceptionManagement" />
<exceptionManagement mode="on">
<publisher mode="on" assembly="Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ExceptionManagement" type="Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ExceptionManagement.DefaultPublisher" logName="POMD Log" applicationName="POMD" />
<publisher mode="on" assembly="POMD" type="POMD.CustomPublisher" />
3. Now at last in the page you can use as ..
catch ( obj as exception)
end try

it will log exception in the event log.
Deppak Jain

dipesh parekh <> wrote:
Is any one know how to use Enterprise Library Exception Handling Block   (Framework 2.0) in Web application?
Please let me know all step to config as well as the global.asx  code.

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